Parish Life


People come to church for different reasons. Some of us come to belong to a community. A lot of us come because church helps us make sense of the rest of the week or what is going on in our lives.

Many of us come to share in the Sacraments and commune with God, and some just come because they are looking for answers. There’s not a single reason to come to church that’s better or makes more sense than the others. The thing about St. Matthew’s Cathedral is that we offer room for everyone—no matter why we are attending.

The people who attend the St. Matthew’s Cathedral, and take part in the many things that we have to offer, make the Cathedral what it is. Sunday mornings begin our week together, but there is so much more going on among us; people gathering for encouragement and support, and for spiritual and personal growth. Our doors are always open and there is always a smiling face to welcome you.

Because of our commitment to Jesus Christ, the thing that defines us most is our love of fellowship. We are a community that loves to have fun, and we do just that. The strength of our parish family is the relationships that bind our people together. This begins in the many different opportunities for fellowship that our parish family offers. There are weekly prayer groups, guilds such as Daughters of the King, St Monica’s Guild, St Mary’s Guild, Linen Guild, and the Altar and Flower Guilds. InReach brings that extra smile and helping hand when someone is sick, in the hospital, recovering, or lost a loved one.  Our dedicated Welcome Committee is here every Sunday to welcome anyone new to the Cathedral and guide those who have questions.

The Cathedral has a lot to offer anyone looking for a new place to not only worship, but to feel at home and be a part of something great in the many things going on in our church community.

Amazing things are happening here, and you need to be a part of what God is doing. Please join us!