Art of the Cathedral
In 1929, the Cathedral Church of St. Matthew sold its downtown property and moved to its current location on Ross Avenue, the former St. Mary's College for Girls, which opened in 1889.  The Cathedral purchased all the school's buildings, grounds, and oil paintings.  The oil paintings were copies of famous masterpieces made by unknown artists in Europe which were donated to St. Mary's College by parents of students.  There are now four paintings remaining in the Cathedral nave which originally hung in the parlors of St. Mary's.  In addition, the stained glass windows above the main altar (East windows) are original to the school chapel.  The extensive stained glass windows on the other three sides of the Cathedral were added in the 1960's. 

The Holy Family


Madonna of the Chair

Madonna of the Harpies

The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine

 The Nativity Window

(East windows of St. Mary's Chapel,1908)



The Blessed Sacrament Window

(example of the modern stained glass)


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