Cathedral Rule of Life


As Christians, we are committed to following Jesus Christ as his disciples in the world.  Spiritual discipline is essential if we are to live into this commitment.  The Cathedral Rule is designed to deepen the faith life of both individuals and the Community.


•    The Rule is Flexible – it is intended to work with the varied work and family obligations of our diverse community.  You can and should adapt it to your particular situation.  Many of our members are already doing more than the Rule and that is fine.

•    The Rule is Reasonable – it contains essential elements for growth in our spiritual lives.  As Christians we are called to seek God with all our lives.

•    The Rule is Invitational – We want every member to commit to the Rule or some parts of it. (This is an invitation to deeper spiritual growth.)  The invitation does not come with a penalty attached.  We will continue to commend it and augment it for times such as Advent and Lent.  Occasionally, we will recommend a study or book for us to read together.

•     The Rule is Foundational – It includes prayer, study, worship and service.  We will make regular suggestions to enhance your participation in each of these.





Set aside time for prayer in the morning and evening.  Use the Devotionals for individuals and families from the  Book of Common Prayer.

Use the Internet - two recommended sites are :

* Sacred Space -

* Mission St. Clare -

There is an order to intercessory prayer.  Pray for the church, the clergy, the world, the community, your family, yourself, and the departed.



Read it every day! The Daily Office lectionary is a great way to organize your reading.  Read with the aid of a good study Bible. Recommended translations will be available here shortly.

Read the passage through until a portion of it “sticks” in your heart and mind.  Carry that with you to contemplate and to speak to you throughout the day.



Attend Eucharist at least once every week.  Worship is essential to the Christian life.

If you are out of town, attend church in that place.  Those who assist with the liturgy should plan on attending Eucharist even on the Sundays where they do not have a particular role.  Spend time with your fellow parishioners before and after you worship.  No one is a Christian all by themselves.



Commit to participating at least once every year in one lengthy bible study, spiritual study, or other program of Christian formation with other Christians. Make an annual prayer retreat.



Commit part of your time and money to God’s work in the world. This is the way you make God real to others. Spend at least 2 full days each quarter (about 24 hours) working on a project that serves those most in need.  Contribute at least 3 to 5% of your income to your local church and other agencies who serve the needy in Christian ways.  Work towards a tithe of 10% of your income.