Adult Ministries

Christian Formation

The Song of Songs

Led by Father Victor Austin
Sundays, Jan 14-Feb 11, 9:35 am
Great Hall

In Losing Susan, Father Austin calls the Song of Songs the second-best book of the Bible. But it is hardly ever studied these days, and it poses particular difficulties for interpretation. For instance, God is never mentioned in the book! Nonetheless, scholars from the early church through the middle ages wrote more about this book than any other, seeing in it something deeply true about the salvation and love that God bestows upon his people. Over a few weeks the class will work through the book, looking closely at the literal allegory and the moral implications of the text.



Deadly sins

Lenten Class Series
Sundays, Feb 18-March 18, 9:35 am
Great Hall

Feb 18        Anger with The Rev. Canon Michael Gilton
Feb 25       
Gluttony with The Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin
March 4    
Envy with Canon Gilton
March 11  
Greed with Father Austin
March 18  
Pride with Father Austin